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Although SEO or search engine optimization is a well known term among experienced bloggers and website owners, it might sound odd to those who have just started their online business or career in internet related jobs. To be simple, SEO is the process of manipulating content of a website or a blog to make it visible for specific keyword searches performed in search engines. In other words it is the proper use of keywords and link building that elevates a website above its competitors for searches on specific words.

For a long time webmasters and seo specialists have been optimizing websites manually. It is, in fact, a tedious and continuous process, which begins even before you pick your domain name. The process starts with keyword research and continues by including relevant keywords that could bring up the website during searches. Textual content of the website also known as the king of internet marketing is what you can optimize with keywords.

While this process of content optimization is only half of the process one other job that plays an important role in making a website valuable in the sight of search engines is the process of link building. This too was a manual process where web masters had to look out for relevant websites and request their owners to provide links either by offering a reciprocal link or by other means such as services or even monetary compensation.

Now the advancement in technology has made it comparatively simple in every aspect of search engine optimization. For example, the keyword research tool could help you find apt keywords that could easily make your website rank high. One other seo tool that is very helpful in the process is the link checker that would instantly display of list of websites that link to yours along with the anchor text.

Performing manual researches or manual link checking is no longer necessary because seo software does it all for you and within no time provides you with almost all of the data you require to analyze and optimize a website. The surprising fact is that these seo tools, which are highly valuable are available at cheap rates in the market. Some of the seo tools offered online can even be utilized free of cost.

More interestingly, certain plugins available for free are compatible with browsers and can reveal good many data of a website right from your browser. If you are one with career aspirations in SEO or if you are an internet entrepreneur, you can very well utilize them to grow your knowledge and business with ease. Just learning the basics of search engine optimization and the use of these tools could prove to be very lucrative on the long run. As said earlier, SEO is an ongoing process and hiring SEO experts can cost you an arm and a leg. Instead proper handling of these seo tools could make it faster, easier and more profitable for you.

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  • There are great marketing points here, like the team work of experienced SEO company is much more beneficial than hiring somebody to do in house SEO. I think that in general SEO should come from educational approach and not soliciting using foreign cold calls companies.
    Nice article..

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