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If you have just launched your website and are on the lookout for some SEO tips to get traffic to your website the following tips will help you gain momentum in your online business.

One of the most important steps in seo begins with keyword research. Choosing the apt keywords and phrases is the key to successful optimization. Keywords and phrases can be obtained by two popular methods. The first method uses online seo software that predicts the efficiency of the keyword by analyzing real-time tracking of online searches for a particular word or phrase. Such tools provide you with highly useful data about search queries, expected searches, KEI, and the like that determines the efficiency of the keyword. The other one is known as the brainstorming method, where you put yourself in the shoes of a client and think about the possible combination of words that a client would type in the search field to reach your website.

While it is important to keep your textual content readable for the human visitors, it is equally important to keep your website’s codes clean. Clumsy codes hinder the search engine spiders from collecting data which eventually results in low ranking and traffic. This is why it is important to validate you website codes and keep it free of syntax errors. A good programmer can help you out as far as this matter is concerned.

Wisely written meta descriptions and perfectly framed meta tags come a long way in successful SEO. Although it is widely believed that meta tags are no longer a necessity with goggle floating smart algorithms, major search engines like Yahoo do follow the traditional way of using meta tags as a criteria in determining relevancy of a website.

It is important to use the carefully picked keywords in domain names, titles, H1 tags, in the textual content, for the Alt img tag, and also in the urls. It is a good idea to use keywords as anchor text while obtaining links from other websites.

Since search engines capability of judging videos and flash files are limited, use keyword optimized textual content wherever possible. Full flash websites although look great and have superior interactive facilities, they often do not rank high for keyword searches.

Care should be taken not to overuse the keywords beyond the prescribed limits; a better idea is to use synonyms if you had to repeat the keyword several times in the website. Remember synonym usage is advantageous when your target audiences are an educated lot.

Google indexing is very important to get listed in the search engine and hence submission of the website is important. It is important to include a sitemap to the website so that all the pages of your website can be easily navigated by the search engine robots as well as the human visitors.

Always adhere to the rules set by search engines while optimizing your website. Although manipulation of keywords and other illegal means could work in placing your websites on top positions, you should only opt for white hat techniques if you are planning a steady traffic without being penalized for using black hat techniques.

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