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If you are looking to start building up a serious social media presence on facebook there is one single problem. There are so many people on facebook. 700 Million members as of today, and growing. With so many people where is a good place to start?

Building a network marketing business using facebook will be one of your best tools. But only if you know how to get to the right people. Who are the right people you want to connect with? Other network marketing people and they love to hang out on facebook.

Im going to dive into a few secrets that will help you get more traffic and leads for you mlm business. But first I need to talk a bit about the correct ways of marketing on facebook.

If you have a network marketing business and the company has a replicated website. Never post that on facebook, ever. That is what all rookie network marketers do and its all wrong. Your going to post information about helping the struggling network marketers to succeed. If you have a blog, and you write articles, post a link to those articles on your facebook wall. Your an educator on facebook and not a spammer.

Now that you know the correct way to market, let\’s have a look at how to attract and find the right people. A fanpage is going to be your best way of attracting the right people. Setup a fanpage with you as a ‘Public Figure’. Then build a nice little fanpage that is all about marketing strategies you are going to teach others about. Your main focus is to get people to ‘like’ your fanpage. And the best way to do this is always updating your wall with valuable content others can use. Post tips and strategies others can take and implement for there business.

Do a search for ‘mlm’ ‘network marketing’ ‘Tony Robbins’. When you see a good fanpage, press the ‘like’ button. These other fanpages, like Tony Robbins page, is the best place to hangout and comment on all the posts. People who are commenting on these fanpages are usually struggling network marketers trying to find a better way. Be helpful to others on these fanpages. Respond to comments posted. If you are consistent, and commenting on a ton of fanpages, people start to notice you and then ‘like’ your fanpage.

Everyday you should spend at least an hour going through all the other fanpages you have liked. Its important to be consistent with this. Like I said before the biggest problem is there are so many people on facebook. You have to do what ever you can to stand out. Standing out is not about shouting the loudest. Its about helping out others. Zig Zigler has a great quote ‘Help enough people get what they want, and you can have anything you want’. This is a great quote, the more people you help on facebook, the more you will stand out from the crowd.

I get so many people sending me links to the ‘Next Big Thing’. And always the next big thing turns into the next big bust. The wrong way is to lead with your mlm company and its products. Yes, I know you want to build a network marketing downline. But you have to lead with value and then have your network marketing company on the backend. When you build up a huge following of people who trust you. These people will follow you to any company you are involved in.

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