Email Marketing: An ease in Marketing Communication


Email marketing uses electronic mail as a form of direct marketing as means of communication in an online industry.

The term email marketing in its broadest sense covers every email you send to a customer, public venue or potential customer. This term is used to refer to:

  • Sending direct promotional emails with purpose of acquiring new customers or to persuade existing customers to buy again.
  • Sending emails designed in encouraging customer loyalty and enhance the customer relationship.
  • Sending emails to add advertisements sent by other companies to their customers.
  • Sending emails over the internet as email that does exist outside the internet (e. g FIDO and network e-mail).

As an analogy, these main forms of email marketing are the electronic equivalent of direct mail, sending people a print newsletter and also placing advertisements in subscription. But however, there is one extremely important difference; is the issue of permission.

The advantages of Email Marketing

The email marketing on the internet is popular because of numerous reasons:

  1. It can track the return on investment and has proven to be high when it is properly done.
  2. Advertises can reach large numbers of subscribers to emails who have chose to receive email communications on the topics they are interested in.
  3. More than a half of internet users check and send email every day.
  4. Email is very popular with digital marketers.
  5. Emails allow marketer to reach out to consumers with their own personalized, significant and dynamic messages.
  6. In a business transaction, email allows to respond automatically to important consumer event like shop- cart abandonment and purchases.
  7. Sending email is cheaper than the other forms of communication.
  8. Email lets you deliver a message to an individual, unlike in a website, people have to come to your message.

There are three types of Email marketing:

  1. Direct email- a direct email involves sending a promotional message through an email. It could be an announcement for a special offer, or a super sale with great discounts. If before you have a list of prospect or customer’s postal addresses to send your promotions, now you can collect simply a list of email addresses.

You can make use also of renting a list of email addresses from service companies. They will let you send your personal message to their own address list.

  1. Retention email- it usually takes the form of regular emails which is very well known as newsletters. A newsletter may carry advertisements or promotional messages, but it aims for a long-term impact on readers. It also aims to provide readers with value, which means that it is more than just a sales message. It should contain information which entertains, notify or that which may benefit the readers.
  2. Advertising in other’s emails- instead of making your own newsletter, you can make use of email newsletters published by other people and pay them just to place your advertisement in the emails they send to their subscribers.

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