The Importance Of Putting Up A Marketing Blog


Though putting up a marketing blog is never a must, it is highly recommended. After all, it carries tons of benefits:

It increases your virtual presence. There are millions of readers for marketing blogs all over the world, and if you can come up with a very interesting one, you can have thousands of followers. Blogs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be picked up by search engines can be added to directories. There are also niche blog directories where you can submit your own blog links.

Moreover, you can increase traffic to your website through marketing blogs. And as you increase Internet visitors, you also boost your list of prospects.

It’s easily shared. One of the reasons why this virtual marketing strategy is well loved is it’s easily shared. Have you seen Facebook and Twitter? Hundreds of blog links are shared every day. Just imagine if there are 10 people who share your blog post to 10 of their friends in an hour. That means you have 100 readers in a short amount of time! Blogs multiply your visitors and potential prospects to many folds.

People will always look for information. A marketing blog can be your own knowledge database. Internet users, first and foremost, are hungry for information. You can use your blogs to promote your products and services without hard selling. For instance, if you’re offering supplements, your blog can be all about health and wellness. You’re free to talk about the benefits of vitamins and minerals and share studies that strengthen your claim. In the process, they find more reason to buy your products.

It enhances your credibility. Not all people are open to online shopping, simply because they don’t know the seller personally. It’s so easy for someone to hide behind an e-mail address or a website. It’s convenient for any scammer to run away from his or her unwilling victims.

The good thing is you can get rid of any doubt by using a marketing blog. You can use it instead to strengthen your credibility. With it, you can speak with authority. You can share your knowledge and opinion. If you can substantiate your claim, people will learn to trust you, and when they deem you trustworthy, you would no longer have a hard time selling your products.

It promotes interaction among your prospects and customers. Customer perception has changed. They no longer want to be treated as commodities. They want to be your partners. They want to feel they can contribute something to your business growth. You can give them that chance by creating a marketing blog. You can encourage them to share their comments and opinion. In your blog, you can develop marketing forums. You can also use the same space to answer some of their questions or issues.

You can add subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are hidden messages. It works by allowing prospects and customers to associate certain things to your business. For instance, if you’re selling home-made cookies, at the end of the blog post, you can add an image of a cookie. The more your readers are exposed to it, the more it’s easier for them to associate any cookie to your business.


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